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It’s 1968

and the rules have changed.

After years of battles and struggle in Vietnam, Lincoln Clay knowns one thing: the real family is not those with who you are born with but rather those, who you die for. Now, back in this homeland in New Bordeaux, Lincoln tries to escape a criminal past. But his surrogate family, the black clan, is deceived and destroyed by the Italian Mafia. So Lincoln creates a new family on the remembrance of the old one and seeks military-grade revenge through those who are in charge. In this battle all is included: powerful gun fights, instinctive hand-to-hand battles, street smarts and white knuckle driving. Having the right team, making strong decisions and being not afraid of some dirty hands, all is possible. So Lincoln Clay is on the road to the top of city’s underworld in Mafia 3.

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New Bordeaux

A Reimagined 1968 New Orleans

New Bordeaux is a huge, contrasting and crummy open world, controlled by the mob and dishonest officials in Mafia III. This world is full of the views, sounds and diverse emotions that make it so special.

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An Unintended and Lethal Anti-Hero

Dare to be Lincoln Clay in Mafia 3. Lincoln is an orphan and Vietnam veteran who is full of vengeance. He is determined to revenge against those, who cruelly murdered the black mob, the only thing in the world that Lincoln had as close as his own family. Italian Mafia is in the epicenter of Lincoln’s revenge in Mafia III world.

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Revenge Your Way

In this revenge, you can pick your own individual play-style. It van vary from barbarous violence and flaming guns to stalk-and-kill tactics in Mafia 3. You will be able to use Lincoln’s military preparation and gained knowledge in the purpose of destroying the Italian Mafia.

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A New Family on the Ashes of the Old

In Mafia 3, you will create a new criminal empire. You will have a complete freedom to do it your own way: to decide which team members to reward and which you may choose to abandon.