Mafia 3 Story Trailer Shows Lincoln Clay Revenge


Mafia 3 Story Trailer Shows Lincoln Clay Revenge

2K recently released Mafia III story trailer which features main character Lincoln Clay and his story of revenge, police chases and cage fighting. The Mafia 3 game trailer includes impressive images and loads of action.

Lincoln Clay survives after an attack on black mod and is full of revenge. So he starts a war to defeat mafia boss Sal Marcano. Mafia III’s game set is based in New Bordeaux, an imaginary city based on New Orleans, Louisiana.

Mafia III’s criminal rackets were introduced recently and they look similar to Shadow of Mordor’s Nemesis system. Each criminal racket in Mafia 3 has its own missions, enforcers and boss. Defeating these enforcers is useful as it makes the final encounters easier for the player. Moreover, taking out lower-ranking bad guys may get you valuable information in Mafia 3 world.

Fans were waiting for the Mafia 3 Game for so long. Finally, it’s possible to try and see which improvements have been made. This thrilling action game is simply marvelous. For this reason people all over the world know it and play every day. The latest Mafia 3 - 2K Games meets the highest standards and is developed to provide the best time for the players. If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s time to do it because the best performance is guaranteed.

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